Sead Fadilpašić Sead Fadilpašić 最后更新时间: 2024 年 2 月 26 日 10:59 EST | 阅读 2 分钟 PancakeSwap Reveals ‘Affiliate’ Initiative to Enable Forks Across Blockchains {:.image-caption} 去中心化交易所(DEX)和去中心化金融(DeFi)协议 PancakeSwap 推出了一项讨论提议,旨在向 DeFi 社区推出一项“Affiliate”(联盟)倡议。


根据与 分享的公告,

“团队正在提议推出一项‘Affiliate’(联盟)倡议,DeFi 协议可以在尚未部署的区块链上分叉 PancakeSwap。”

团队将邀请并审批 – 逐案基础 – 在任何尚未在其上部署交易所和平台的区块链上分叉 PancakeSwap。

该团队计划在今年与至少三家 DEXs 在三条链上合作。据说,这些交易所中的每一个长期都将位于其各自链的前 1/4 交易量之内。


PancakeSwap 正在努力在未来几周内完成最终投票之前将其最终确定。该事件将遵循团队进行“全面反馈收集和分析”。

随着协议增长扩展 PancakeSwap


这样做的主要动机是团队希望“将 PancakeSwap 协议的增长指数级地扩展到新的区块链上,支持强大的 DeFi 团队,他们可以依赖独特和不断完善的 PancakeSwap 一体化 DeFi 产品套件。”

PancakeSwap Tweet

旨在分叉该平台的协议必须与该协议的核心原则和代币经济模型保持一致并遵循。团队表示,这“确保 PancakeSwap 和 CAKE 代币持有者从联盟分叉的成功中获益。”

遵循该倡议原则的人将获得官方认可为 PancakeSwap 联盟。此外,他们将获得持续的技术支持。


团队指出,该倡议将使 PancakeSwap 用户能够访问跨不同区块链的更广泛范围的本地代币。

此外,veCAKE 用户将获得联盟的本地 DEX 代币。

团队还将将一部分交易费收入用于 CAKE 销毁。


  • 大规模采用:区块链数量和 DeFi 的兴趣都在增长;该倡议旨在利用平台的用户友好界面和多链功能,促进数字资产在日常交易中的更广泛采用。
  • 无缝集成:开发人员和协议可以使用该平台的技术基础构建 DEXes。
  • 品牌推广:从 PancakeSwap 获得官方认可将为各项目提供品牌推广机会和作为 PancakeSwap 生态系统一部分的持续支持。

Chef Mochi,PancakeSwap 负责人,评论说:“通过开源 PancakeSwap DEX,开发人员和协议可以利用其技术基础轻松构建自己的 DEX,加速创新,无需从头开始。”



Q&A: What You Need to Know

Q: What is PancakeSwap’s “Affiliate” initiative?

A: PancakeSwap’s “Affiliate” initiative aims to encourage the forking of the protocol onto various blockchain networks. This will enable a broader reach and adoption of the PancakeSwap protocol, while also supporting strong DeFi teams that can benefit from the platform’s all-in-one DeFi product suite.

Q: How will the initiative benefit users?

A: The initiative will give PancakeSwap users access to a wider range of native tokens across different blockchains. Additionally, veCAKE users will receive affiliates’ native DEX tokens. Moreover, a portion of the trading fee revenue will be allocated to burning CAKE tokens.

Q: What are the advantages of the proposed system?

A: The proposed system offers several advantages, including mass adoption of digital assets in daily transactions, seamless integration for developers and protocols to build DEXes, and branding opportunities for projects through official recognition from PancakeSwap.

Q: How can protocols fork the PancakeSwap platform?

A: Protocols aiming to fork the PancakeSwap platform must align with and adhere to the protocol’s core principles and tokenomics model. This ensures value accrual to PancakeSwap and CAKE token holders.

Future Outlook: Exponential Growth and Technological Innovation

The “Affiliate” initiative introduced by PancakeSwap reflects a strategic move towards exponential growth and technological innovation in the DeFi space. By expanding the protocol to new blockchains, PancakeSwap aims to capitalize on the increasing interest in DeFi and facilitate the adoption of digital assets in everyday transactions.

With the potential partnerships with three DEXs on three chains, PancakeSwap is positioning itself as a leading player in the decentralized finance landscape. The integration of multiple blockchain networks not only strengthens the protocol’s scalability but also opens up new avenues for collaboration and development.

As the DeFi industry continues to evolve, PancakeSwap’s user-friendly interface and all-in-one DeFi product suite provide a solid foundation for building innovative DEXes. By open-sourcing their DEX, PancakeSwap empowers developers and protocols to leverage their technology and accelerate innovation without starting from scratch.

In terms of investment opportunities, the growth potential of PancakeSwap’s “Affiliate” initiative aligns with the increasing demand for decentralized finance solutions. Investing in projects that leverage the PancakeSwap ecosystem and adhere to its core principles could prove to be a lucrative strategy in the rapidly expanding DeFi market.